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Upcoming Events

  • Join KAMA and MU

    The Church

    Those who wish to join KAMA are requested to register with Mr. Mbeu. For those who wish to join the Mothers Union, kindly register with Lay Reader Alice Gichuki.

Recent Events

  • Youth Sunday

    2nd Dec 2018 The Church

    The 2018 Youth Sunday was observed on the 2nd of December. There was one service in the New Cathedral from 9:00 AM. The day was a success. The Youth thanks everyone who made the day a success as they thank God for everything. Be blessed.

  • Provincial KAMA Conference

    3rd - 7th Dec 2018 Kitale Technical

    The 2018 provincial KAMA conference was a success. Liaise with Mr. Mbeu for more information on what took place in the conference. God bless all attendees and everyone who participated in one way or the other.

  • Sunday School Magazine Launch

    29th April 2018 The Church

    The Sunday School Magazine was launched on 29th April 2018! in the church. Order yours today at sh. 300.

  • Maundy Thursday

    29th March 2018 The Church

    The washing of feet

  • Palm Sunday

    25th March 2018 The Church

    More photos, videos, and text loading...

  • Ash Wednesday

    14th Feb 2018 The Church

    We are now in the period of lent. Fasting, moderation, and self-denial define this period. Read more here.

  • Annual General Meeting

    14th Jan 2018 The Church

    The AGM was held in the church after the one service that had began at 9:00 AM and ended at noon. In the AGM every department presented their reports for 2017 and their targets for 2018. The church also shared its views on various issues raised. The cogregants also had a chance to comment on the reports and targets and also gave suggestions that will help the departments and church in general to prosper in 2018. More information will be conveyed by the department heads to their members. Thank you for attending.

  • Mass Wedding

    10th Dec 2017 The Church

    A mass wedding is when several couples tie the knot in one service, as was the case here. The wedding ceremony was conducted by the vicar, Ven. Mwangi Waweru with the help of other clergy members. Check how it was in pictures...

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    Couples arriving


    Bridal team


    Exchanging of vows


    Couple signing the marriage certificate


    The vicar, Ven. Mwangi Waweru, signing the marriage certificate


    Marriage certificate presentation

  • Youth Sunday

    3rd Dec 2017 The Church

    The 2017 Youth Sunday was observed on 3rd of December, as opposed to August or September as has been the routine for several years. This year's Youth Sunday fundraiser was done to raise the quota for the diocese and for purchasing public address and instruments for the youth church.

    The youth week started on the Monday of 30th Nov, 2017 when we (The Youth) met in church for fellowship and practices. On Tuesday we visited a fellow youth for evangelism - we visited Grace Gitome at her home where we had a homily and shared. On Wednesday we met in the church again where we fellowshipped and practiced songs. On Thursday we visisted the old - a 70+ years couple (The Gachunu's) within the outskirts of Nyeri town (Kiandu). On Friday we visited the youth chairman, Mwalimu Victor Nderitu, for evangelism and sharing. On Saturday we met in church for cleaning in preparation for the Youth Sunday.

    The Youth Sunday had two services with funds collected in both services. During the English service, the youth presented the church website and youth portal to the church; the vicar lauched and dedicated it. A soprano guitar donated by one of the youth was also dedicated in this service. As the routine, the youth led both services and it was all a success. There was a meal shared among the youth after the second (Kiswahili) service where the youth interacted and shared. The Youth wants to thank the church for their support on that day; God bless you!

    The moments are best expressed in pictures.

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    Website presentation and Guitar Dedication


    Website commentation


    Youth Singing


    The Youth after the services

  • Rev. Julia Mwangi's Retirement

    26th Nov 2017 The Church

    Rev. Julia Mwangi's retirement service was conducted on 26th of November, 207 in the cathedral, led by our Lord Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Joseph Kagunda. The service was the first of its kind in the region and everyone felt heavy to let Rev, Julia retire. She has been very active in her service to God and has visited many homes to minister to the people and encourage the sick. Rev. Julia, beloved wife to Dr. Mwangi, is a trained volunteer worker, something that has enabled her to serve very well. She was ordained as a Deacon in January 2007 and as priest in June of the same year. She has served in the cathedral for for the eleven (11) years.

    We thank you Rev. julia Mwangi for the good service you have offered and remind you that good deeds are always rewarded by our good Lord. Therefore, even after your retirement, do not be weary of doing good, (Gal. 6.9). Continue doing God's work. Remember Rev. Muthoga's word that what you have done in the 11 years that you've been in service has been very good, but what you're going to do after retirement is more important. Continue serving God. Be blessed.

  • Mr. George's Wedding

    25th Nov 2017 Church Hall

    Mr. George Wanjala and Rev. Esther of Karaba parish are now husband and wife. The colourful wedding wedding took place in the cathedral on 25th November, 2017. The wedding was filled withSt. Peter's cathedral cogregants, Karaba parish cogregants, friends and families; making it a very happy day. The two were joined in holy matrimony by the Rt. Rev. Joseph Kagunda, Bishop of ACK Mt. Kenya west Diocese. The reception was at the church hall and no one could get bored or stop laughing or smiling even for a second with the jovial and proactive Rev. Kimama as the MC. We wish the couple a very happy life, with a reminder that Jesus is the storm calmer and so no storm should scare them.

    Loooking forward to more weddings...converting those unions into a holy matrimony.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Waithaka's Wedding

    18th Nov 2017 The Church

    The title captures it all, it is now official that the name is one: Mr. and Mrs. Waithaka. The couple was joined in holy matrimony on the Saturday of 18th November, 2017 in the church with the reception held within the church compound. It was a colourful wedding that marked the beginning of what is definitely going to be a very happy couple's life, you could see that in their faces. It must have taken God's hand and a dedicated team to pull of such a successful ceremony. Therefore, to God we say receive all the glory and honour; to the dedicated team that ensured the ceremony was a success, starting from the lovely best couple of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Munene, we say Thank you. May God bless y'all. To the couple, we wish you all the best in your marital life.

  • Diocesan Youth Rally

    11th Nov 2017 The Church

    The Diocesan Youth Rally took place on Sunday, 11th November, 2017 at the cathedral. It was a well attended event with more than 1300 youth. There were a number of great presentations that emphasised on the theme of the day, Seek the Lord and Live (Amos 5:4). There were plans for the youth Sunday which will be held on 3rd of December, 2017. The preacher talked about the challenges facing the youth today; from peer pressure, drug abuse, relationship challenges and many more. He advised the youth to seek God and the rest shall be well with them. Remember the theme...

    Seek the Lord and live.


    10th Nov 2017 The Church

    The night of worship that is AFLEWO took place again this year, in our cathedral, and it was bigger and better than the previous years. It keeps growing vibrant and attracts magnitudes to worship our good Lord. there are many ways in which we can worship God, music being one of them. AFLEWO team involves everyone in singing songs of praise to God and this year's event was as lively as ever.

    AFLEWO is an acronym for Africa Let's Worship; it brings together all christian denominations in annual events of worship from a United front. Do not miss the next one, don't. As goes the name...

    Africa, let's worship.