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My name is Peter Maina Wanjiru. I hail from Thunguri village, Kiangai sub-location, Ndia constituency, in Kirinyaga County. At a young age, back in the 90's, my [single] mother enrolled me at Thunguri Primary school. My mother knew that she did not have any property that she could give me as inheritance; education was the only weapon she could hand me that could change my life for the better. It was amazing how she was committed to ensuring that her children pursued their academic dreams even though her father had not been able to see her through secondary education.

Since day one I proved to be a bright person and was always position one. However, even though this was the case, I was hampered by many challenges, the major one being lack of text books - I never had a text book because my mother could not afford one. I had to walk long distances to go and use my friends' text books to do home works. At times I would walk home under heavy downpours, arriving home late and wet. Paraffin was also a problem as there was no funds to purchase it every time. Sometimes I had to use a 'glowing splint' to study. I thank God for His goodness because despite the challenges I emerged victorius. I sat for my K.C.P.E. exam in 1999 and scored 514/700 marks.

I was invited to join Kerugoya Boys for my Secondary Education. We (my mother and I) went through the admission letter and knew that this was a good school, however, there was no fees. My mother said that she wanted me to join that school but she had no source for the money. I swallowed the bitter herbs and shed my tears. My only prayer at that moment was that I don't ,miss to join seconday school. By the grace of God, the then principal of St. Mary's Boys Secondary School in Nyeri, the late Bro. Dominic Jordan gave me an opportunity to join his school on grounds that he would be patient with my family.

My mother worked tirelessly to get the minimum amount needed and also for shopping. By the first day of February, 2000, I was ready to join secondary school and so we set off from our home to Nyeri. We did our shopping in Karatina and eventually got to school (St. Mary's Boys, located on your way to Nyeri Provincial General Hospital) where I was admitted. I worked extra hard in high school to take advantage of the prayer that had just been answered. I accumulated very high school fees balance in high school but was rarely sent home as the principal kept his word. There was a time the principal gave me a ride home as a result of 'home sickness'. From what he saw, he helped me secure a bursary. More accounts of this is found in my book entiled, 'My Headmaster Touched My Heart'. The fees balance was so high that even after my KCSE in 2003 where I scored a B plain, I had to wait for three (3) years as we tried to clear the fees balance and other debts.

In 2006, we organized a fundraiser that enabled me to join Kenya Institute of Mass Communication. My dream was to join KIMC but I had to wait for the right time then approach my family with the request. I filled the application and on the 15th of September 2006, the admission letter came knocking. I had been offered an opportunity to pursue a three-year course that would lead me to a Diploma in Public Relations and Advertising. My family was concerned about the high costs of the course but I remained optimistic that everything would go as planned. We settled on organizing a fundraiser to help me raise the fees and also some money for my meals and accommodation as I was going for evening classes having missed out on regular classes. What followed is well accounted in my book entitled 'Dreams Shattered By Poverty.' I resided in Fuata Nyayo slums in South B where life was very tough. Afater studying for one year, my family was pushed hard my financial constraints and could not sustain my education any longer. Left with no options, I requested the KIMC administration to grant me a break off so that I could look for fees to cater for the remaining two years. In 2007, forced by circumstances, I dropped out of college.

In 2009, I attended the graduation ceremony of my classmates; an experience that was very painful. I came back and decided to hold a fundraiser which only raised Ksh. 30, 000 against the the target of KSh. 200, 000. Since I had a fees balance of 25, 000 shillings for the one year I had been in college, I just decided to clear that balance even though I couldn't be able to rejoin college then.

It was in November 2013 when I felt 'enough is enough' after six years of doing manual work that was not gainful. In 2014 I decided to seek for a second opportunity to rejoin college. I visisted KIMC and asked whether I would be accepted back. I was asked if I had the money to pay for school fees then. I was also told that there would be no other break so I must assure them that I would pay the fees in full. The total fees required was Ksh. 152, 800.I was asked to pay the fees in advance. I almost fainted; but I heard a voice telling me 'God shall provide'. It was then that I decided to look for money for my education through writing and selling of books in churches and schools.

I thank God that in January 2015 I was able to rejoin college after dropping out for seven years. I joined as a second year student. More about the seven years I was out of college and how I rejoined are found in my book, 'Back to College after Dropping Out For Seven Years' I continued with struggling as I had to balance between being in school and looking for fees.

On 30th November 2016, I finally graduated after a ten-year struggle. Despite all the struggles, during the graduation, I scooped the 'best student trophy' for being position one academically. On 13th March 2017, I got an an admission letter to join Moi University in May 2017 to pursue a BSc. Degree in Communication and Public Relations. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it due to lack of financial power. On 3rd April 2017, I got an admission letter to join St. Paul's University in May 2017 to pursue a Diploma in Counselling Psychology. To date I have not yet joined any of the institutions but I pray to God that He provides for me so that I can be able to join University when the chance is available again. I put all my trust in God as He is always faithful

Currently, I have authored several books as listed in the 'My Books' section here. You can call me at any time for the books.

I currently continue to look for opportunities to sell my books in churches, like I did in st. Peter's ACK Cathedral, Nyeri on 10th Dec 2017, with an aim of raising fees to continue with my education and also to inspire and ecourage those that may be going through a similar situation in life.

'God shall provide'.

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