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  • About TEE

    Coordinator: Rev. Johna Muchiri
    Formed: 2016

    TEE -Theological Education by Extension is a form of Bible study where learners do not leave their day to day activities to study the Word of God but it’s done from “wherever you are at whatever time”.

    TEE parish level is a ministry to the laity aimed at equipping Christians with the knowledge of what they believe in thus encouraging and enabling learners to have victorious practical Christianity.

    Since Christianity is like a journey TEE equips the believers with the necessary approach to situations at every juncture in life.

    By bringing believers together, TEE improves quality of fellowship and creates a favorable environment where they share the Mind of God.

    Who is eligible?

    - For young believers, TEE is a place to grow spiritually.
    - For mature believers, it is place to mentor and encourage each other.
    Actually, all Christians need to fellowship with God every time and with fellow Christians more regularly; TEE is one of the programs that offer such opportunities.

    Rev. Johna Muchiri, Diocesan TEE Coordinator

TEE Events and Notices

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